Marketing Analytics

What is marketing analytics?

Marketing analytics is the data analysis to assess a marketing campaign’s performance. Businesses can use technology and analytic processes to analyze marketing data to understand consumer behavior, improve their marketing campaigns, and maximize their return on investment.

Enterprises need to keep an eye on the market for opportunities and threats in a constantly changing market. Market changes are identified early to assist you in responding quickly. We provide market and industry tracking, technology scans, and market assessments.

Our Market Research service includes Competitive intelligence

Monitor competitors to compare their products, services, and processes. Monitoring competitors will help you identify market opportunities and threats and recognize emerging best practices.


DM.VNS provides the best market research solutions for marketing and business growth. We provide accurate and complete insights that enable you to make confident and quick decisions.

Sales Intelligence

With accurate prospect data and insights, you can build strong sales strategies.

Market assessments

Market conditions are important for growth. Assessment is done by analyzing the market landscape, trends, competition, and other products/services.

Industry research

Get a broad overview of all industries to identify megatrends and competitive landscapes.


The DM.VNS Advantage

DM.VNS custom-built market research solution allows you to inform strategy and maximize impact through the:

Global panel network

An active panel of more than 37 million respondents is available worldwide to provide market insights for hard-to-reach businesses and consumers.

Technology-driven research, analysis


We combine market research expertise with new tools and technologies to deliver better insights.

Expertise in multiple industries

Our expertise spans many disciplines, including Manufacturing & Supply Chain, and Technology Healthcare. Retail & Consumer Goods is also available. Financial Services are also available.


Get competitive intelligence

To gain a competitive edge, you must be able to gather, analyze, and then act upon relevant information. Competitive analysis is performed by using quantitative and qualitative data and other data sources to help you identify the implications and take the appropriate actions.


Access to premium databases

Use our premium databases to get accurate information about countries and industries, companies, patents, etc.


Competitive tracking

Monitor competitive activity to identify and counter threats. We use other data sources like consumer reviews and social media sentiment to facilitate better analysis and planning.

Benchmarking of products/solutions

You can gain insight into the market and compare your offerings to competitors using key metrics such as market share, product and business capabilities, customer satisfaction, and market share. Benchmarking insights can be used to make better product decisions, such as which features to improve or remove.

Analysis of deals and customer information

To navigate highly competitive deal environments, you will need data-backed diligence about the quality of customers, market dynamics, and value creation.

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