The above stats are very enlightening in their regard. They show you where you should put your efforts and the overall importance of SEO. Now, we’ll delve into the trends in SEO that are gaining steam today and are likely to continue growing through 2023.

User Experience Is Critical
People searching on the internet have many companies to choose from; thus, having a great user experience is crucial. They aren’t going to stick around on your website if pages take too long to load, the site’s navigation and design are non-intuitive, or the content doesn’t tell them what they need to know. You must code and design with the end-user in mind because that’s who you are trying to get to buy your goods or services.

The Importance of Fresh, High-Quality Content
High-quality content that answers visitors’ questions or offers the solutions they’re looking for is an important part of giving visitors a good experience on your website. Google’s search algorithm also likes to see that you regularly update your website with fresh, quality content that delivers value to users.