In addition to declining ad revenues among search moguls, many marketing agencies report that the average costs of many bids have decreased. To make sure that this is not mere rumors, we’ve checked on our own ad campaigns. We did see a bid price decline of up to 52% in comparison to the same period in previous years.

The economic forecast of the IMF is also far from optimistic: finance experts say that 2023 is likely to become the year of the great recession. Judging by previous years, paid promotion is the first thing businesses cut down on when a financial crisis is soon to come and affect profits.

Besides pessimistic economic forecasts, you should keep the human factor in mind. People are less willing to click on snippets that are explicitly marked as Ad. This happens because most users consider paid ads less valuable than organic results paid = less trustworthy. By the way, this could be one of the reasons why Google is planning to change the Ad label to Sponsored, which sounds less deliberate.

The decreasing popularity of paid ads can only signal one thing businesses will put more effort to succeed in organic search. In other words.