From the panel we will know what measures we can take to correct issues or be extra careful with problems that can affect the SEO of our website, and even the user experience.

When producing reports, for example when we have a big drop in traffic, and there was a problem in the search engine during that period which was officially acknowledged by Google, it is now possible to understand the reason for that drop in traffic.

We know that in SEO we have a lot of information that is sometimes very difficult to explain. It is likely that from 2023, with the Status Panel, we will feel more secure to carry out work that is even more data based, making reports and improvement actions more objective.

It is also necessary to emphasize that Google has made it clear that, when we have a problem presented in the dashboard, while engineers try to solve it, at the same time they will work on reducing the data that this problem can generate for sites and users. This can also provide more security for our SEO work.

It is important to emphasize, however, that the SEO teams do not justify all the problems found on their website as problems stemming from the Google panel.

It is necessary to continue to do a good job, monitor the data, and always analyze and know how to work with several possible scenarios before reaching a conclusion.

In addition to that, the algorithmic feed might be controversial at this moment, when people seem to be a little heated by everything that’s going on over in bluebird land, but I would say it could be a good opportunity for brands, though. 

A few months ago, brands would only have the opportunity to appear in an unfollowing user’s feed if they paid to promote the tweet i.e. Now, we are talking about relevant content. The algorithmic feed opens (or re-opens?) the conversation about the importance of speaking the same language as your audience. 

What is your audience talking about? Which topics are they engaging and interacting with? If you start speaking the same language as them, now you have the opportunity to break their bubble and appear in their feed . start a conversation with them, organically.