2022 has been an eventful year for organic search, with several significant updates impacting how SEO and marketing teams should focus and operate.

The Page Experience Update and Core Web Vitals was rolled out (mobile and desktop) to ensure users receive results that load quickly and render within a certain time threshold.

Future focus for 2023
In 2023 all organizations must ensure their website’s technical performance creates an optimal user experience
This involves examining the page loading speed, browser response time, and content stability during loading for a seamless customer journey

Google’s Product Algorithm Update was released to help users make informed decisions. This was in the form of a refreshed set of instructions and updates based on the annual performance of product reviews. It was designed to empower users with access to accurate information that will enable them to make sound product purchasing choices.

If your selling products, demonstrate your professional abilities by providing well-founded advice and showcasing why you are the go-to expert on a subject
Back up any product recommendations with reliable data to provide assurance of authenticity
Multisearch was announced in April to enable searches using images and text. Powered by Google Lens, it allows people to use mobile cameras or photos to search relevant images and text to find the most relevant results they need. Connecting words & visuals to create an exciting array of possibilities for consumers.