As an AI language model, I don’t have access to real-time news updates. Nonetheless, I can share some current SEO-related news from 2021 and early 2022:

Google released the Page Experience upgrade, a big algorithm improvement that focuses on user experience signals like loading speed, interaction, and visual stability. The upgrade will be formally released in June 2021.

In July 2021, Google also released a spam upgrade that targeted websites that utilize spam strategies to influence search engine rankings.

Voice search remained popular in 2021, with an increasing number of consumers depending on voice assistants such as Siri, Amazon, and Google Assistant to search for information.

Google has added new capabilities to Google Search and Maps to assist companies to exhibit their products and services, such as product highlights, service qualities, and local campaign advertisements.

Google said that it will no longer support third-party cookies in its Chrome browser by 2022, which will have a big impact on digital advertising and tracking.

Google also released “Core Web Vitals,” a new ranking element for search results that assesses website loading speed, interaction, and aesthetic stability.

Google introduced a new algorithm upgrade named the “Product Reviews Update” in late 2022, with the aim of rewarding high-quality product reviews and dismissing low values in search engine results.

It really is crucial to remember that SEO is always developing, thus it is essential to remain in touch with the latest developments and best practices in order to properly optimize your website for search engines.