Though online commerce was already pivoting towards growth, the pandemic accelerated the trend, leaving many businesses caught off-guard. That’s why so many businesses seek the services of an SEO company to stay relevant.

Consumers have turned to online shopping to order groceries, everyday items like clothing and personal hygiene items, home goods, and more.

With that in mind, Google trends in 2023 are also shifting. The search engine company has also expanded its offerings to make it more enticing for businesses to sell on its platform. Moreover, Google is FREE, and businesses don’t have to pay commission fees on product listings.

But Google also intends to facilitate a better shopping experience for online buyers. The search engine company has always placed the user experience at the forefront of its shopping platform and has created a shopping graph for buyers.

The AI-enhanced graph pulls real-time data from product listings across multiple merchants to deliver relevant products that meet a consumer’s needs. It does this through various sources, including reviews, videos, product specifications, prices, and benefits.

A shopper can also upload an image of a product to Google, and the search engine will find the product for them, even though the consumer might not know the brand or the name of the product.

How Can You Optimize For Google Trends In 2023?
Ensure a fast-loading time on your business’s e-commerce website.
Optimize keywords in your products’ listings.
Incorporate keywords into alt tags for your images to help Google find them.

Trend #2: Include Video Marketing As Part Of Your SEO Marketing Campaign

Video marketing platforms like YouTube among others, have taken the marketing world by storm. In fact, 90% of brands now use video as a marketing tool to increase leads and conversions.

Here are some other statistics that can speak to the power of video marketing:

Brand awareness increases by 120% after consumers watch a marketing video.
More than 50% of all consumers use video to help them make a purchasing decision.
Video marketing can improve your conversion rate by 86%.
55% of consumers want to see video content from a business they support.
52 of marketing professionals say video yields the best return on investment (ROI) for their marketing dollars.
Seven out of 10 consumers have made a purchasing decision because of an ad they saw on YouTube.
Your website is 53 times more likely to show on the first Google page search results when you have a video on your site.
Customers prefer to interact with videos rather than text.
Looking ahead, more consumers than ever will look to videos when searching for products and services. Google has already rolled out new features to help users find the information they’re looking for faster with the help of videos.

You’ll want to ensure that video marketing is vital to your SEO marketing strategy in 2023.