Bot traffic is any traffic coming on a website from non-human sources. While this term usually carries negative connotations with it, bot traffic is not a bad thing if the purpose of the bots is good.

There are many bots that have become an essential element for services like search engines like Google (Googlebot), and even digital assistants like Alexa. These bots are welcomed by many companies on their sites.

On the flip side, there are also malicious programs that generate bot traffic. These bots are usually used for nefarious purposes like data scraping, credential stuffing. Even the low-tier bad bots can cause issues with website analytics and help hackers in generating click frauds.

Bot traffic is estimated to be about 42% of the total internet traffic generated, and a significant percentage of it comes from bad bots. So how can you identify a good bot from a bad bot? Let’s understand the different types of bots that generate traffic.