Want to know an easy way to speed up and improve the overall performance of your website?
Invest in good hosting.
This guide will cover everything you need to understand about why web hosting is important for SEO.
Website performance is a critical element that can help improve your rankings, traffic and conversions.
Ignorance is no longer an excuse for any company to use a cheap web host.

What is website hosting
A website hosting service provider, or web host, is a service that offers the technology required for a website to be viewed online.

Think of a web host as the home base of your website. Websites or webpages are stored on special computers called servers, and through the server your webpages get connected and delivered to internet browsers.

So, when users want to view your website, all they have to do is type your website address or domain into their browser.

When building a website, companies typically invest a lot of time and resources on design, development, digital marketing and SEO.
If you are willing to invest in making sure the website looks good and driving traffic to it, why not also ensure that the actual website is fast, functional and flexible?
But web hosting is one area that tends to be an afterthought.

Using a high-quality web host can maximize your conversion rates, along with other helpful benefits.
This means that a strong and reliable web host will lay the foundation for your SEO efforts.
Expected features from hosting providers
Web hosts offer more than just web hosting services for businesses. Web host firms offer multiple services that ensure a hassle-free experience for business owners and to make sure their only focus is the time and energy spent on their business.
When it comes to SEO, Google strives to deliver the best possible results for its users.
SEO is a huge focus for nearly all businesses and brands today. Everyone wants their site listed on the first page of Google for relevant search queries.
Google looks at several factors to ensure the user has a positive experience after using their search engine. Websites that work faster with improved UX can get a rankings boost.

Websites that fail to rank on Page 1 of Google likely won’t be found. As the saying goes, “the best place to hide a website is the second page of Google.”