There are various reasons why Facebook advertising should test performance:

Optimize ad performance: Ad performance testing allows advertisers to test several versions of their ads to determine which ones perform the best. Advertisers may optimize their ad budget and obtain better results by finding the best-performing advertisements.

Cost-effectiveness: Ad performance testing may also assist marketers in determining which ad formats are the most cost-effective. This will allow them to better plan their money and get the most bang for their buck.

Performance testing may also assist advertisers in better understanding their target demographic. Advertisers may acquire insights into what connects most with their target audience by testing alternative ad formats, language, and creativity, and then adapt their strategy appropriately.

Ad performance testing should be an ongoing activity for continuous improvement. Advertisers may enhance their results and remain ahead of the competition by regularly testing and tweaking ad effectiveness.

Overall, performance testing is an important component of any Facebook advertising strategy, assisting advertisers in improving ad performance, increasing cost-effectiveness, better understanding their target demographic, and achieving continual improvements.