YouTube is enabling Shorts thumbnail customization for the first time.
YouTube is launching new analytics data for video creators and enabling the ability to customize Shorts thumbnails.
The data will provide a breakdown of subscribers gained by content type, which wasn’t previously available.
YouTube is launching more detailed analytics data for video creators.
The new analytics data will give creators a breakdown of subscribers gained by content type and information about the content their audience is watching across formats.first time, channels can customize thumbnails for Shorts videos, which has the potential to drive more clicks and views.

Adding this data aims to assist creators in comparing the performance of their different format uploads.
YouTube now allows creators to view analytics data on views by content type in the Studio Mobile app.

YouTube has added a feature to Studio Analytics that allows creators to view a breakdown of the number of subscribers gained for different types of content.
For example, a creator who primarily publishes regular videos may be surprised to see how many views their Shorts and live streams generate.
Previously, YouTube only provided data on views per content type, not subscribers.