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Media, journalists, and customers are always looking for current events in their sector. Your content will be available in one place with the custom newsroom. Your newsroom can include information about events, press, and company details.

PR Distribution

Your press releases can be published on more than 100 news and media outlets. Your Press Release can be syndicated to a wide range of business and financial media outlets. The Premium PR Distribution will distribute your news to media journalists. Also the news will be distributed to enter Google News*.

Transparent with client

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DM VNS is one of the top-paid PR distribution site with limited distribution and free pr. Your press release submitted to our PR Network will be featured on Apple News, Google News and other news sites. All analytics for the press release that you have published are available; view the Syndicated media outlets more than 150+ and other Press Release Syndication data in your dashboard.


Every day, news breaks in your industry. To be at the top of search engine results, turn that article into an online PR. DM VNS allows you to submit press releases online. DM.VNS helps the news to reach the search engines like Google News, Bing, Google News and many other news sites, along with the integrated media network outlets. We offer a variety of press releases promotion, including small business press releases, local press distribution, business pressrelease distribution, healthcare pressrelease, event pressrelease, and financial pressrelease distribution

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Media Coverage

Your Press Release will not only be displayed in Google News, but will also be listed on the 100+ guaranteed media partner website.

We are currently one of few companies that offer Google News, media distribution.  and Bing New. Guaranteed placement along with PR syndication on top websites.

We drive online marketing throughout platforms. We are here to grow with the people and for the people.


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