Are you interested in learning more about digital marketing? This guide will teach you everything you need to be familiar with digital marketing.
You can do it online or offline. Both are essential for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.
Digital marketing refers to promoting products or services via digital channels such as email, social media, SEO, and mobile apps. Digital marketing is any form of marketing that uses electronic devices.
Digital Marketing is Important
Do you remember billboards? I do.
Growing up in India with Indian parents, the answer would be not yet.
Most companies today use online marketing.
Many of my clients spent millions on billboard advertising in 2016.
Driverless cars are already possible, but drivers need to be attentive. The technology will improve, and no passenger will be distracted by the road.
This is because Google and Facebook generate greater revenue than traditional media companies. They have more users. Digital marketing is important because it attracts more attention.
If no one is driving, who will see the advertisements?
They’re likely to be on their phones.
Please do me a favor and look at the passenger seat next time you give someone else a ride. Take a look at the passenger seat for a second.
Furthermore, the percentage of people who use electronic devices more than print advertising is rising.
Online shopping is a popular way for nearly 5 billion people to learn, shop, entertain, and even get work done.
This means that you won’t have much time for digital marketing.
Digital marketing is essential if you want to reach these people.
According to Google, 88% of people who perform a local search using their smartphone visit the related store within the next week.
Perhaps you believe you own a local business and don’t have to worry about digital marketing.
It would be a mistake.
If you are not online, you will miss out on the traffic.
Digital marketing is essential for any business’s success.
Digital marketing gives you additional data and analytics about customers, their buying habits, and what they are looking for.
Like, WAY longer. To be exact, it’s about 100 years longer.
His name was Guglielmo Marking, and he was born in 1874.
The History of Digital Marketing
Although digital marketing was first popularized in 2000, it has been around for a long time.
He invented the radio.
Morse signals were sent across open water shortly after his demonstration in England.
Although it would take ten years for radio to reach the general population, the creators of the radio quickly realized that they could sell their stuff.
He was the first to demonstrate wireless transmissions in public in 1896.
Guess what people did next?
They purchased show tickets!
These are the seven major categories of online marketing:
Search engine optimization (SEO).
Search engine marketing (SEM).
Content marketing
Social Media Marketing (SMM).
Advertising via pay-per-click (PPC).
Affiliate marketing
Email marketing
Intro to Digital Marketing
Digital marketing was born.
Online digital marketing overview

There are five major categories of digital marketing.
Marketing offline has been re-engineered
QR codes
Enhanced offline marketing is a type of offline marketing that is done offline but enhanced by electronic devices.
radio marketing
Television marketing
Phone marketing
For decades, people have used digital media to improve their marketing.
If your restaurant has an iPad for customers to order Thai food, the offline experience is enhanced by this electronic device.
Television marketing has been around for over 50 years.
Radio marketing is next. Thank Mr. Marconi for the next time you hear a car dealer shouting every word in his commercial.
Phone marketing is the fastest-growing and largest area of offline marketing. There have been many failures, flops, and busts.
Three letters: LED. LED stands for light-emitting diodes.

All billboards in Times Square use electronic technology!
Why? Why? Because no one is competing for your attention in Arizona’s desert. You win if you have a billboard.
Enhanced Offline Marketing

Another example.
People are glued to their iPods, Macbooks and iPhones.
What are you likely to see in an Apple Store when you enter?
You may recall those were all over. Although all those CDs were sometimes annoying, they were likely to be a major reason for AOL’s early success.
Product demos should be a key part of your digital marketing strategy if you have any electronic products.
Radio Marketing
It’s thriving:

Nearly 245,000,000 Americans listen to the radio every month.
Radio content is listened to on average 99 minutes per day.

You can find local radio stations through a quick Google search to create sponsorships. You should find a station with a target audience similar to your company. Radio stations should be able to provide the data you need to help you choose the right fit.

The key to successful radio advertising is entertainment and grabbing the listener’s attention.
TV Marketing

Cable providers lost 6,000,000 subscribers per year between 2019-2021

Although cable TV ads can be more difficult to target, are less effective than other forms of digital advertising, and seem insignificant in today’s digital age, they have a high ROI.
It’s impossible to imagine television marketing ever ending completely. Television marketing is so important. It is, however, changing as more people switch to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.
This type of TV ad may still be worthwhile but will come at a high price.

Super Bowl ads account for roughly 10% of all social media shares related to TV commercials.

About 8 percent of Youtube views go to commercials.
These commercials are also online assets that generate millions of YouTube views yearly.

It may not be the best investment to continue spending $27 billion annually on TV commercials worldwide. Television advertising as we know it to allow for more customized experiences.
Unfortunately, the Super Bowl commercial hype is likely a remnant of a period of success that’s about over.
If you are planning on recommend focusing on the channel or marketing platform. In the case of TV marketing, this means streaming services.
Telephone Marketing
Mobile marketing is here to stay. Mobile advertising surpassed desktop ads in 2015 and continues to grow.

Marketing via texting works best, as it is an app that can be downloaded on every phone.
Texting and calling
Cold calling refers to calling someone without any previous contact to try and make a sale.
Although you must get permission first, many providers offer text marketing at scale.
A text message can almost be read online or offline.